Ultimas Noticias: Irregularities discovered in the detention of Efrain Campo and Francisco Flores‏


Leer más en Español: http://www.ultimasnoticias.com.ve/noticias/actualidad/sucesos/advierten-irregularidades-en-detencion-de-efrain-c.aspx#ixzz3rOXdmIpZ

UN. – Haitian government sources have revealed that the detention of Efrain Antonio Campo Flores and Francisco Flores de Freitas, the two Venezuelans that are being accused of narco-trafficking offenses in the U.S., was surrounded in a cloak of mystery and irregularities.

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The sources indicate, in the first place, the DEA agents burst into the airport and detained Efrain Campo and Francisco Flores, who were using a traditional passport, just as the pilot, Pablo Urbano, and the copilot, Pedro Rodriguez Gonzalez, and two other civilians (Marcos Tulio Uzcategui and Jesfran Moreno) who were in travelling with them. Afterwards, they [DEA agents] proceeded to enter the airplane with anti-drug dogs and conducted a thorough search, including the dismantling of the seats and other parts.

In light of not having found any drugs, the DEA functionaries proceeded to communicate to the two civilians, the pilot and copilot of the plane, that they could go back to Venezuela and they [the pilot and copilot] took the plane, something they did immediately and, in fact, it has been confirmed that they [two civilians] have arrived on our territory Wednesday at 4:30 pm, according to SAR sources.

The fact that despite not having found any drugs or anything illegal, they proceeded to keep them detained, was qualified as “a kidnapping” by Haitian spokespersons that were very close to the operation.

It is known that the plane is YV2030 whose owner is the Construccion y Mantenimiento Coinspectra C. A. company, that leased it to the group. Since 2006 it was under Inversiones Sbenpe, C.A.

Leer más en: http://www.ultimasnoticias.com.ve/noticias/actualidad/sucesos/advierten-irregularidades-en-detencion-de-efrain-c.aspx#ixzz3rORFToGF

The group left Venezuela Tuesday at 8:30 am and arrived in Haiti at 10:30 am local time. They had planned to return the same day, Tuesday at 1 pm, but a police commando operation detained them in the airport until the next day. It is known that they were brought to a house and placed in a conference room and it was the next day when they proceeded to free the pilot, copilot and the other two Venezuelans. “If they had found a gram of drugs, they would not have freed anyone and would not have given back the plane,” said the source.


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