This Coming Sunday Emergency meeting in Solidarity with Venezuela‏


Comité de Solidaridad Con Venezuela

Calls for an Emergency Peace meeting in Solidarity with Venezuela

Un llamado de emergencia en defensa de la Revolucion Bolivariana

March 15, 2015 4 – 6PM

800 east 156st 10455

Iglesia Evangelista del Bronx

Un Golpe Para Uno, Es Un Golpe Contra Todos

Defender A Venezuela Es Tarea De Todos y Todas

Please come and join us this coming Sunday to be in solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution

Unanse a nosotros en solidaridad con la Revolucion Bolivariana

President Obama’s shocking and unjustified declaration of a national emergency and designation of Venezuela as a threat to US national security and foreign policy on March 9, 2015 places the peace loving Bolivarian people of Venezuela in immediate danger of US military intervention. From Ottawa to Santiago, the Peoples of the Americas say NO to this imperial aggression against our South American neighbors!

It is time to take a stand! Venezuela is a member of the Union of South American States (UNASUR) which has declared South America a zone of peace dedicated to human development. Venezuelan workers and peasants, who form a large part of the electoral base of the democratically elected government of President Nicolas Maduro, do not pose a threat to the people of the United States. They are our brothers and sisters!

This is the moment to speak out! Venezuela is not at war with any country, does not have military bases outside its borders, does not send drones to kill and terrify, has not engaged in rendition or pre-emptive war. On the contrary, Caracas is currently mediating peace talks between the FARC and Bogota and advocates for world peace as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. Maduro seeks mutually respectful diplomatic relations with all nations, including the United States.

Together we can wage peace! The “crimes” of the first Chavista president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, are disobedience to the Washington Consensus, insistence on national control over the nation’s oil industry, continued payment of the social debt, and the commitment to continue expanding access to free education, health care, and subsidized food and housing.

US backing of ultra right extremists in Venezuela bent on violent extra constitutional regime change in Caracas, and Obama’s unjustified declaration of Venezuela as a threat to US national security is in reality a threat to the peace and stability of the region. We stand with Venezuelans and the peoples of the Americas in rejecting the shameful attack of the Obama Administration on the Venezuelan homeland.

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