In Defence of Palestine: Statement signed by Evo Morales, Mel Zelaya, Eduardo Galeano, Silvio Rodriguez and many more

The following statement in defense of Palestine and encouraging people to join the BDS campaign has been signed by Bolivian president Evo Morales, former Honduran president Mel Zelaya, Nobel peace prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano, Cuban musician Silvio Rodríguez and many more (see list below) To add your name email


In defense of Palestine

Faced with the tragic events our Palestinian brothers and sisters are living through in Gaza, the Network in Defense of Humanity (REDH) assumes our responsibility and expresses the following:

We take up as our own the words of compañero Evo Morales, a founder of the Network in Defense of Humanity and President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, who has declared Israel to be a terrorist state.

We express our absolute repulsion at the genocide being carried out against the Palestinian people by a state founded on dispossession and the colonial occupation of Palestinian territories.

We pay recognition to, and express our solidarity with the Palestinian people and its resistance organizations, especially in Gaza, in their heroic struggle against Israeli attempts to exterminate them and seize the small pieces that remain of what was once their homeland.

We condemn the imperialist role of the United States that politically, financially and militarily sponsors and backs Israel, in the face of the extraordinary inaction of the UN Security Council whose resolutions on the question of Palestine are systematically violated with complete impunity by Washington. The United States is once again demonstrating the hypocrisy and cynicism with which it has acted throughout history, threatening sanctions and interventions against the peoples of Latin America, Africa and Eurasia who defend their sovereignty at the same time as its backs the actions of Israel.

We denounce the complicity in what is occurring, by default in some cases, of the governments that make up the European Union, as well as the unconditional subordination of the media oligarchs to Washington’s dictates. Enough of calling it a war when in fact it is a genocide being perpetrated by one of the best equipped armies in the world against a people whose defensive resources are infinitely inferior in quantity and quality!

We encourage you to join the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against the terrorist state of Israel, as it is time for active and creative solidarity that goes beyond statements of condemnation. We have failed the more than 1600 people killed in Palestine over the last few weeks, as well as the more than 9000 injured since the start of the terrorist operation hypocritically named “Protective Edge”.

We demand an end to apartheid and genocide, as well as to the walls and illegal settlements. We call on the governments of the world to demand that Israel complies with UN Security Council resolutions that oblige it to withdraw from Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem, return to the borders that existed prior to the “Six Day War” (1967) and guarantee the right of return for Palestinian refugees, as per Security Council Resolution No. 242, November 22, 1967, a resolution that has been consistently ignored by the state of Israel.

We call for a real political solution to the conflict in Palestine on the basis of dialogue, negotiation and the existence of two states with equal rights and delineated borders that are internationally recognized. We believe this solution must begin with the immediate lifting of the blockade on Gaza and the liberation of all Palestinian political prisoners. We congratulate the governments of ALBA [Bolivarian Alliance of the Peoples of Our Americas], Mercosur [Common Market of the South] and other governments of the South for their position of solidarity against the barbaric actions of Israel in Gaza.

We adopt as our own the words of the revolutionary, Nelson Mandela: “We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.” We affirm that Israel has morally and politically lost this battle in the face of the brave Palestinian people and the growing condemnation by the peoples of the world of a “criminal” state that violates international law. The unbreakable Palestinian resistance will be rewarded, sooner rather than later, with the smiles of their children in a free homeland.

Against Israeli terrorism and US imperialism, in defense of the right to self-determination for Palestine and all the peoples of the world!

Initial signatories: Evo Morales, Bolivia; Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Argentina; Pablo González Casanova, México; Eduardo Galeano, Uruguay; Roberto Fernández Retamar, Cuba; Federico Mayor Zaragoza, España; Silvio Rodríguez, Cuba; Luis Arce Catacora, Bolivia; Gianni Vattimo, Italia; Gabriela Rivadeneira, Ecuador; Istvan Meszaros, Hungría/Reino Unido; Samir Amin, Egipto; Alfonso Sastre, País Vasco; Nardi Suxo, Bolivia; Enrique Dussel, México; Marta Harnecker, Chile; Carmen Bohorquez, Venezuela; Cesar Navarro, Bolivia; Miguel Barnet , Cuba; Franz Hinkelammert, Alemania; Héctor Arce Zaconeta, Bolivia; Piedad Cordoba, Colombia; Reverendo Raúl Suarez, Cuba; Martin Almada, Paraguay; Fernando Rendón, Colombia; Graziella Pogolloti, Cuba; Sacha Llorenti, Bolivia; Ana Esther Ceceña, México; Luis Britto, Venezuela; Rafael Cancel Miranda, Puerto Rico; Atilio Boron, Argentina; Theotonio Dos Santos, Brasil ; Alfredo Rada, Bolivia; Piedad Cordoba, Colombia, Farruco Sesto, Venezuela; Ángel Guerra, Cabrera, Cuba/ Mexico, Juan Carlos Trujillo, Bolivia; Mel Zelaya; Honduras; Hildebrando Pérez Grande, Perú; Patricia Villegas, Colombia/Venezuela; Maria Nela Prada, Bolivia; Stella Calloni, Argentina; Omar González, Cuba;; Hugo Moldiz, Bolivia; Pascual Serrano, España;; Raúl Pérez Torres, Ecuador; Obispo Raúl Vera, México; Joao Pedro Stedile, Brasil; Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Portugal; Rodrigo Álvarez Cambras, Cuba; Socorro Gomes, Brasil; Katu Arkonada, País Vasco/Bolivia

Full list of signatories


Abdón Ubidia Ecuador

Adalberto Santana México

Adelaide Gonçalves Brasil

Ademar Olivera Uruguay

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel Argentina

Adriana Rossi Argentina

Adys Cupull Cuba

Aitana Alberti Cuba

Alba Carosio Venezuela.

Alba Estela Maldonado Guatemala

Alberto Abreu Arcia Cuba

Alberto Acosta Cuba

Alberto Ferrari Argentina

Alberto Mass Argentina

Alberto Rabilotta Argentina/Canadá

Aldo M. Etchegoyen

Alejandra Ciriza Argentina

Alejandra Claros Borda Bolivia

Alejandra del Palacio México

Alejandro Dausa Bolivia

Alejandro Hamed Franco Uruguay

Alejandro Moreano Ecuador

Alejandro Zárate Bladés Bolivia

Alex Pausides Cuba

Alexis Adarfio Marin Venezuela

Alfonso Herrera Franyutti Mexico

Alfonso Sastre País Vasco;

Alfredo Rada Bolivia

Alfredo Serrano Bolivia

Alfredo Vera Arrata Ecuador

Alicia Castellanos México

Amelia Barreda Argentina

Américo Díaz Núñez Venezuela

Ana Bas Cortada Argentina

Ana Carolina Strongoli Argentina

Ana Cristina Abud Argentina

Ana Esther Ceceña México

Ana Leticia Vargas México

Ana María Aragonés México

Ana María Ramb Hughes Argentina

Ana Mariaa Vera Smith México

Ana Paula de Teresa México

Ana Ruiz España

Ana Zambrano Estados Unidos

Anahit Aharonian Uruguay

Andrea Fernández México

Andrea Trejo Márquez México

Andrea Vlahusic Argentina

Ángel Guerra Cabrera Cuba/ México

Ángel I. Baños

Ángeles Maestro España

Angelo Baracca Italia

Anita Leocadia Prestes Brasil

Annamaria Testi Italia

Antonella Signorini Italia

Antonio Elías Uruguay

Antonio J. Martínez Fuentes Cuba

Antonio Preciado Ecuador

Araceli Cortes México

Ariana López Marth Cuba

Arlete Moysés Rodrigues Brasil

Armando Fernández Cuba

Arturo Corcuera Perú

Arturo Escobar Estados Unidos

Atilio Bonilla Perú

Atilio Borón Argentina

Augusto Plaza Bolivia

Aurelio Alonso Cuba

Beatriz Stolowicz México

Beilton Freire da Rocha Brasil

Bernard Duterme Bélgica

Betinho Duarte Brasil

Beto Almeida Brasil

Betty Tejada Soruco Bolivia

Boaventura de Sousa Santos Portugal

Boris Brito Bolivia

Bruno Portugués Perú

Camilo Valqui Cachi México

Carla Espósito Guevara

Carlin Shapiama Perú

Carlos Aznárez Argentina

Carlos Borroto Cuba

Carlos Cabal Mirabal Cuba

Carlos Chanove Bolivia

Carlos Fazio México

Carlos Fernández Liria España

Carlos Moya Ureta Chile

Carlos Zamora Cuba

Carmen Bohorquez Venezuela;

Carol Proner Brasil

Carolina Sánchez Cuba

Cecilia Todd Venezuela

Cesar Navarro Bolivia

Cesar Navarro Bolivia;

Cesar Pedros Fernández Cuba

Christian Mirza Uruguay

Christian Mirza Uruguay

Clara Algranati Argentina

Clara Ferri México

Clara Rivas España

Claudia Camba Argentina

Claudia Gómez Haro México

Claudia Iriarte Chile

Claudia Yarza Argentina

Clemencia Correa México

Colette Louise Wall México

Crisbeyle González Bolivia

Cruz Mejía México

Crysbeylee González Venezuela

Danny Rivera Puerto Rico

Darío Machado Rodríguez Cuba

Delfina Paredes Perú

Denis Merino Perú

Derlei Catarina De Luca Brasil

Domenico Losurdo Italia

Domenico Vasapollo. Italia

Edgar Butron Bolivia

Edgar Llanos Bolivia

Edgard Sánchez México

Edgardo Lander Venezuela

Edmundo Cepeda México

Eduardo Arroyo Perú

Eduardo Galeano, Uruguay

Eduardo González Cuba

Eduardo Heras Cuba

Eduardo Neururer Argentina-España

Eduardo Paz Rada Bolivia

Eduardo Raúl Neururer Rabottini España

Elena Jiménez Cuba

Elisa Rando Argentina

Elma Beatriz Rosado Puerto Rico

Elza Neves Moraes Brasil

Emiliano Teran Mantovani Venezuela

Emilio Comas Paret Cuba

Emira Imaña Bolivia

Enrique Dussel México;

Enrique González Ruiz México

Enrique Rajchenberg México

Enrique Ubieta Gómez Cuba

Epigmenio Ibarra México

Epitacio Paes Brasil

Eréndira Salazar México

Esteban Falcón

Esteban Silva Cuadra Chile

Estefanía Prado Bolivia

Estela Fernández Nadal Argentina

Eugenio Sánchez Aldana México

Eva Björklund Serbia

Eva Forest-Sastre País Vasco

Eva Golinger Venezuela

Evaliz Morales Alvarado Bolivia

Evo Morales Bolivia

Fabio Grobart Sunshine Cuba

Fanny Palacios Izquierdo Perú

Farruco Sesto Venezuela

Federico García Perú

Federico Mayor Zaragoza España

Feliciano Padilla Perú

Felipe de J. Pérez Cruz Cuba

Fernando Bossi Venezuela

Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez México

Fernando Martínez Heredia Cuba

Fernando Medina Venezuela

Fernando Mijangos País Vasco

Fernando Morais Brasil

Fernando Rendón Colombia

Fernando Rodríguez Bolivia

Flora Rocha Bolivia

Francesco Spinazzola Italia

Francisco García Bolivia

Francois Houtart Belgica

Frank Gaudichaud Francia

Franz Hinkelammert Alemania;

Franz Sandoval Bolivia

Fred Fuentes Australia

Freddy Salazar Sanjinés

Fredy Salazar Bolivia

Froilán González Cuba

Gabriel Coderch Díaz Cuba

Gabriel Pérez México

Gabriel Vargas Lozano México

Gabriela Rivadeneira, Ecuador

Gabriela Sosa Martínez México

Gianni Vattimo Italia

Gilberto López y Rivas México

Gilda Girardi Venezuela

Gina Rey Cuba

Gladys M Quiroga Argentina

Gloria Sellera Uruguay

Gonzalo Perera Uruguay

Gorki Tapia Perú

Graciela Masetti Argentina

Graziella Pogolloti Cuba;

Griselda Ramos Suco Cuba/México

Guillermo Azzi Argentina

Guillermo Rodríguez Rivera Cuba

Guillermo Tineo Bolivia

Gustavo Codas Paraguay

Gustavo Espinoza Perú

Gustavo Rojas Perú

Gustavo Valcárcel Perú

Héctor Arce Zaconeta Bolivia

Héctor Bernardo Argentina

Héctor de la Cueva México

Héctor Fernando Aguilar Venezuela

Hector Udaeta Bolivia

Henrique Galarza España

Henry Morales López Guatemala

Hernando Calvo Ospina Colombia

Hildebrando Pérez Grande Perú

Homero Castro Guzmán México

Horacio E. Pérez López Cuba

Hugo Chinea Cabrera Cuba

Hugo Moldiz Bolivia

Humberto Zambrana Bolivia

Ilonka Vargas Ecuador

Inés Izaguirre Argentina

Inés Lucero Belgrano México

Iraida Vargas Venezuela

Irene León Ecuador

Iroel Sánchez Cuba

Isabel Monal Cuba

Isabel Sanginés Franco México

Isel Llerena del Castillo Cuba

Ismael Hamdouch Argentina

Istvan Meszaros Hungría/Reino Unido;

Iván Padilla Bravo Venezuela

Jacques de Novion Brasil

James Cockcroft Canadá

Javier García Bolivia

Javier Lenz Bolivia

Javier Lenz

Javier Vargas Lozano México

Jessica Saravia Atristain Bolivia

Jesús Guanche Cuba

Jesús Ramírez Cuevas Mexico

Joan Tafalla España

Joaquín Arriola País Vasco

Joel Suárez Cuba

John Catalinotto Estados Unidos

John Saxe-Fernández México

Jonas Rojas Bolivia

Jorge Bustillos Bolivia

Jorge Castañeda Zavala Mexico

Jorge Wejebe Cuba

Jorge Fons Mexico

Jorge Fonseca España

Jorge Guichón Uruguay

Jorge Montemayor México

Jorge Orbe León Ecuador

Jorge Rachid Argentina

Jorge Veraza Urtuzuàstegui Mexico

Jorge Winter Argentina

Jorge Zabalza Uruguay

José Adeildo Ramos. Brasil

José Antonio Almazán González Mexico

José Antonio García Araujo Venezuela

José E. Díaz Uruguay

José E. Díaz Uruguay

José Enrique González Ruiz Mexico

José Gandarilla Mexico

José García Bolivia

José Luis Rubén Silber Argentina

José Luis Silverio Peralta México

José Luis Tagliaferro Argentina

José María Barreiro España

José Pertierra Estados Unidos

José Regato Ecuador

José Steinsleger Argentina/ México

Juan Antonio García Miranda Cuba

Juan Carlos Biani Argentina

Juan Carlos Calvimonte Bolivia

Juan Carlos Gómez Leyton Chile

Juan Carlos Medrano Bolivia

Juan Cristóbal Perú

Juan Diego García España

Juan Manuel Navarro Reina España

Juanita Conejero Cuba

Julio Benavides Perú

Julio C. Gambina Argentina

Julio Ferrer Argentina

Julio Manduley Panamá

Julio Muñoz Rubio México

Katiuska Blanco Cuba

Katiuska García Alonso Cuba

Katu Arkonada País Vasco/Bolivia

Laritza González Achón Cuba

Laura Encinas Bolivia

Lautaro Chanove Bolivia

León Moraria Venzuela

Leonel Nodal Álvarez Cuba

Lidia Fagale Argentina

Lilian Vega El Salvador

Liliam Álvarez Navarrete

Lino Morán Venezuela

Liseth Ortuño Bolivia

Lois Pérez Leira España

Lourdes Cervantes Cuba

Lourdes Garzón México

Luciano Andrés Valencia Argentina

Luciano Concheiro Bórquez Mexico

Luciano Vasapollo Italia

Lucio Triolo Italia

Lucrecia D’Agostino Argentina

Luis Arce Catacora Bolivia

Luis Arce Catacora, Bolivia

Luis Baudoin Olea Bolivia

Luis Britto García Venezuela

Luis Carlos Marrero Chasbar Cuba

Luis Edgar Páez Venezuela

Luis Ernesto Quesada Cuba

Luis Felipe Vázquez Vázquez Cuba

Luís H. Vignolo Uruguay

Luís H. Vignolo Uruguay

Luis Hernández Navarro México

Luis Morado Argentina

Luis Sexto Cuba

Luis Zorraquino Brasil

Magdalena Gómez México

Manolo Monereo España

Manuel Cabieses Donoso Chile

Marcelo Colussi Argentina/Guatemala

Marco A. Gandásegui Panamá

Marcos Roitman Rosenmann México

Mareelen Díaz Tenorio Cuba

Marga Herrera Aguirre

María Augusta Calle Ecuador

María Bolivia Rothe Bolivia

María del Pilar Muñiz López

María Esther Aguirre México

María Eugenia Pulido México

Maria Gabriella Italia

Maria Luisa Mendonça Brasil

María Martha González Bolivia

María Nela Prada Bolivia

Maria Nela Prada Tejada Bolivia

María Teresa Díaz Álvarez Cuba

Mariana Espinosa Obarrio Argentina

Mariela Flores Torres Argentina

Marilia Guimaraes Brasil

Marina Rossi Italia

Marina Taibo México

Mario Augusto Jakobskind Brasil

Mario Fiore Italia

Mario Jorge da Motta Bastos Brasil

Mario López Bolivia

Mario Sanoja. Venezuela

Mario Saucedo Pérez México

Marta Harnecker Chile;

Marta Speroni Argentina

Martin Almada Paraguay

Martin Almada Paraguay;

Martin Schwander Suiza

Maurício Vieira Martins Brasil

Mauro Cristaldi Italia

Max Murillo Mendoza Bolivia

Mayra Godoy Guatemala

Mel Zelaya Honduras

Melissa Arria Venezuela.

Mely González Aróstegui Cuba

Mercè Escayola Cabrejas España

Michael Lebowitz Canadá

Miguel Ángel Herrera C. Costa Rica

Miguel Angel Puigvert Valerio Argentina

Miguel Barnet Cuba;

Miguel Enrique Lagarde Cuba

Miguel Mejides Cuba

Miguel Urbano Rodríguez Portugal

Milagros Rivera Pérez Puerto Rico

Milton Pinheiro Brasil

Mirtha Isabel Tomas Argentina

Mónica Bruckman Brasil

Montserrat Ponsa Tarrés España

Morales Paco César Abraham Mexico

Nardi Suxo Bolivia

Nardi Suxo Bolivia;

Nayar López Castellanos México

Nelson Aguilar Bolivia

Nestor Kohan Argentina

Nila Heredia Bolivia

Nils Castro Panamá

Norbert Froufe González España

Norberto Vilar Argentina

Norma Núñez Montoto Panamá

Obispo Raúl Vera México

Octavio Rodríguez Araújo México

Olmer Torrejón Alcoba Bolivia

Omar González Cuba

Omelio Esteban Borroto Leiseca Cuba

Óscar Adolfo Suárez Morales

Oscar Guerrero Bolivia

Oscar Kuperman Argentina

Oscar Oramas Oliva Cuba

Oscar Ugarteche México

Pablo González Casanova, México

Pablo Guayasamín Ecuador

Pablo Kunich Venezuela

Pablo Navarrete Reino Unido

Paco Guardeño Sáez España

Paco Ignacio Taibo México

Paloma Saiz México

Paola Tiberi Italia

Pascual Serrano España

Patricia Rodas Honduras

Patricia Vaca Bolivia

Patricia Villegas Colombia/Venezuela

Patricio Montesinos España

Patxi Erdozain Beroiz País Vasco

Paul-Emile Dupret Bélgica

Paulino Núñez Venezuelal

Pavel Égüez Ecuador

Pedro de la Hoz Cuba

Pedro Gellert México

Pedro Hernández México

Pedro Marcel Oliva Estofan

Pedro Pablo Rodríguez Cuba

Percy Francisco Alvarado Godoy Guatemala/Cuba

Peter Rosset México

Piedad Córdoba Colombia

Piero Arria Venezuela

Pierre Mouterde Canadá

Pilar Roca Perú

Pocho Álvarez Ecuador

Porfirio Martínez México

Rafael Cancel Miranda Puerto Rico

Rafael Cancel Miranda Puerto Rico

Ramón Mier García México

Ramón Pedregal Casanova España

Rashid Sherif Túnez

Raúl Antonio Capote Cuba

Raúl García Linera Bolivia

Raúl Miranda Ocampo Mexico

Raúl Pérez Torres Ecuador

Raúl Pérez Torres Ecuador

Raúl Zibechi Uruguay

Rebeca Peralta Mariñelarena México

Rene Peres Bolivia

Reverendo Raúl Suarez Cuba;

Reynaldo Naranjo Perú

Ricardo Acuña Gómez Reino Unido

Ricardo Bajo Bolivia

Ricardo Cohen Uruguay

Ricardo Flecha Hermosa Paraguay

Ricardo Gayol Rodríguez España

Ricardo Salgado

Rigoberto Lopéz Cuba

Rina Bertaccini Argentina

Rita Martufi Italia

Robert Austin Australia

Roberto Ávila Toledo Chile

Roberto Battiglia Italia

Roberto Burgos Colombia

Roberto Fernández Retamar Cuba

Roberto Leher Brasil

Roberto Núñez Cuba

Rodrigo Álvarez Cambras Cuba

Rodrigo Loyola Chile

Rogelio Rodríguez Coronel Cuba

Roger Olmedo Bolivia

Roque Aparecido da Silva Brasil

Rosa Cristina Báez Valdés Cuba

Rosa Miriam Elizalde Cuba

Rosario Arroyo Perú

Rosina Valcárcel Perú

Roy Chaderton Matos Venezuela

Ruth Cartaya Suecia-Venezuela

Sacha Llorenti Bolivia

Salim Lamrani Francia

Samir Amin Egipto;

Santiago Alba Rico España

Sara Rosenberg Argentina/ España

Sergio Argüello Guatemala

Sergio Arria Venezuela

Sergio Guerra Vilaboy Cuba

Sergio Serrano Soriano México

Silvia Tamez México

Silvio Rodríguez Cuba

Silvya de Alarcón Bolivia

Simona Yagenova Guatemala

Socorro Gomes Brasil

Sonia Quiroga Bolivia

Stella Calloni Argentina

Susana Molina Suárez Cuba

Susana Oviedo Rosales España

Susana Rodríguez Venezuela

Tania Jamardo Faillace Brasil

Tania Temoche Perú

Techi Cusmanich Paraguay

Telma Luzzani Argentina

Teófilo Gutiérrez Perú

Teresa Toca México

Thalía Muklan Fung Riverón Cuba

Thelvia Marín Mederos Cuba

Theotonio Dos Santos Brasil

Urda Alice Klueger Brasil

Veronika Engler Uruguay

Víctor García Calvo España

Víctor Hugo Parés Lores Cuba

Víctor Regalado El Salvador

Víctor Ríos España

Víctor Vacaflores Bolivia

Victoria Fernández Bolivia

Virginia Fontes Argentina

Virginia Gutiérrez Argentina

Vivian Prado Bolivia

Viviana Ramírez Australia

Walter García Bolivia

Walter Martínez Venezuela

Win Dierckersen Costa Rica

Winston Orrillo Perú

Yamandú Acosta Uruguay

Yasser Gómez Perú

Yemil Antonio Harcha Chile

Yolanda Añasco Ecuador

Yolanda Rojas Urbina Venezuela

Zulema Hidalgo Cuba


Organizaciones e instituciones:


Organización de Solidaridad con los pueblos de África, Asia y América Latina, Cuba

MST, Brasil

Partido Comunista Revolucionario, Uruguay

Tricontinental Internacional de la Solidaridad, Venezuela

Unión Provincial de Organizaciones Campesina de Manabí, Ecuador

Movimiento Autónomo Utopía e Luta Porto Alegre Brasil

Movimiento Mexicano de Solidaridad con Palestina México

Movimiento Tzuk Kim-pop Guatemala

Grupo de Reflexión y Solidaridad Oscar Arnulfo Romero Cuba

Coordinadora de Solidaridad con Palestina México

Casal de Amistad con Cuba de Badalona España

Centro Mandela DD.HH., el Chaco Argentina


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