This Country Has Offered To Adopt Gaza’s Orphans

Israel Gaza Conflict Enters Fourth Week

In a gesture of solidarity, the President of Latin American country Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro recently announced that his country is ready, willing and able to adopt the child survivors of the recent War on Gaza.

Venezuela is in the process of setting up a facility that will thereafter serve as a shelter for Gazan orphans, if Hamas agrees.

Maduro said in an address on national TV, that the nation will welcome Palestinian child survivors who have no family to take them in. His offer comes as 60 entire Gazan families have been obliterated, and many more have only child survivors who are now orphans.

Maduro called on other countries to do the same and open their doors to orphan refugees.

“We’re proposing in the heart of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) that a shelter is created in our countries carrying the name of Hugo Chavez, to bring in the children of this war,” Maduro said.

Venezuela’s foreign minister additionally said recently that there is a Venezuelan initiative to send relief aid to Gaza is a further “testament of solidarity” with Gaza.





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