How to fight the fascist offensive in Venezuela?




By Atilio Borón

In this article: Fascism, Coup d’etat, Venezuela, Violence, What to do to end the violent escalation in Venezuela?

It is obvious that the Empire has a script, as Chávez warned during a conference offered on the evening of December 10, 2007 in the Buenos Aires Cultural Cooperation Center. [1] A script that was rehearsed in other countries for a long time: the most important case that set the measures of this induced process of promoting fascism was in Allende’s Chile. After this first criminal experiment it has gone through improvements in other countries and intents to systemize the theory; the most important in the hand of Eugene Sharp and his team at the Albert Einstein Institute. A lying name like few for an institution dedicated to design new strategies for “a change of regime” that appeals to alleged “non violent” means to overthrow governments for submissive governments that follow the dictates of Washington.

The cases of Libya, Syria, the Ukraine and now Venezuela demonstrate clearly what they mean by “non violent” for the strategists and intellectuals of the Empire.

The evident fact is that the international system is going through a turbulent phase of worldwide geo political transition. In less than a decade new centers of economic and political power arose while the global power of the United States has weakened. Undoubtedly it continues to be the most important military power in the planet but it has not managed to win; outstanding are the cases of Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Its allies are increasingly doubtful and uncertain; its vassals less obedient and its adversaries and rivals increasingly more powerful and influential. Washington loses positions in the Middle East: it failed in its attempt to attack Syria, its blackmail in Iraq turned out to be bland with bravado and its historical allies in the regions, the most reactionary theocracies of the Gulf are threatened by the advance of a jihad and Israel unfolds, in some subjects, its own game that paradoxically transforms Washington into its reluctant subordinate.

In Central Asia anti American feeling has reached unprecedented heights and the Far East gradually gravitate around China that appears irresistible and destined to move the tectonic plaques of the international system.

In this picture of imperial declination it reveals the crushing insurrectionary offensive launched against the Bolivarian Venezuela, seat of the largest oil reserve in the planet and, for that very same reason, an uncontained magnet for the country that built its way of life and founded its worldwide supremacy on the basis of an irresponsible waste of that resource. As occurred during the seventies of the last century, when the defeats in Indochina (Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia) launched a counter offensive that culminated with the installation of military dictatorships in almost all Latin America and the Caribbean, the backward movement of the United States in the world of today thrives anew to seek a refuge in its” back yard” as John Kerry stated in his visit to the OAS where he stated his traditional “rearguard strategy” as defined by Fidel and Che. And for this it must sweep the area of undesirable political regimes and governments.

Consequently the enormous difficulty of ending the attacks of the fascists in Venezuela, regardless of the calls for a dialogue and peace promoted by President Nicolás Maduro, these are grossly ignored by the opposition. Venezuela is a beach head for a strategy of integral destabilization of the Latin American democracies that began in the land of Chávez and continues its march along Ecuador and Bolivia and finally, sets down in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. The result it seeks with this operation is to return Latin America and the Caribbean to the existing situation prior to the Cuban Revolution and install in all the region “friendly neocolonial government” that are subservient in relation to economic and geopolitical interests of Washington. This has become the current battle in Venezuela, equivalent to the symbol of Stalingrad in the Second World War: a decisive battle that cannot be lost because the “domino effect” of defeat would be a devastating blow to the emancipating struggles of our peoples and the Empire knows it.

But stopping this escalation of violence that today fills the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela with mourning and pain requires the following:

a) In the first place apply sustained international and domestic pressure inside the United States to prevent the White House from boosting, organizing and financing the Venezuelan right wing embarked on an irreversible fascist project. For this Barack Obama should recognize the legitimate triumph of Nicolás Maduro in the elections of April 14, 2013 ratified by a resounding victory of Chavism in the municipal elections of December 8 that same year. The obstinacy of Washington is a clear signal to the seditious faction that their crimes have the unconditional support of the Empire. Without the support of the U.S. government the offensive would be defeated in a matter of days. Obama should be taken before the International Court Tribunal as the main instigator of violence that has cost so many deaths in Venezuela.

b) Secondly unleash all the rigor of the law against this faction and the demonstrators who appeal to all imaginable forms of violence. On the contrary, a metastasis would be produced of fascism including – as appears evident these days –increasingly broader sectors of the opposition attracted by a strategy to overthrow the Bolivarian government through violence by two factors. On the one hand impunity expected of the Bolivarian government has been excessively tolerant with these unruly (we refer to people who destroy public and private institutions; sets up “guayas” to slit the throats of bikers; attacks with Molotov “bombs”, etc.); on the other hand with the “successful example” of the Ukraine where a neo-Nazi band mounted a protest, at first peaceful, perpetrating all kinds of crimes and excesses against the government that was immediately recognized by the White House and its buddies of the European Union. The softness of the treatment of the seditious and violent persons would lead to a demoralization of the Chavist ranks, the disintegration of its organizational structure and would be a very negative modification of the correlation of forces declining the revolution and in favor of the counterrevolution because it is what Washington means when it talks of “change of regime”. At times like this, softness of those who achieve by blood and fire to erase from the earth the Bolivarian Revolution is a sure sign of a process of self destruction. First the counter revolution march should be crushed and later see who expected to benefit from the generosity and dignity of the revolution ratified in power.

c) Thirdly, boost and improve popular organization and its mechanisms of mobilization. The right wing will try to combine its violent actions and those who favor overthrowing the government with a “peaceful” control of the streets with guarimbas, marches and all forms of street demonstrations. Chavism must rapidly recover its memory and gain control of the streets and avoid arguments far beyond those that can be achieved in the tables of dialogues. Because, without the support of “the street” and an organized people, the agreements of the upper echelons, lacks a complete effect. And also there must be a conscientious Chavist basis and the people in general that what is in play is the future of the Bolivarian Revolution and the historical conquests of fifteen years and that an effective defense that requires an immediate deepening of socialism and immediate fulfillment of the guidelines established by Comandante Hugo Chávez Frías in the “Steering Blow” released in the meeting of the Council of Ministers of October 20, 2012. Any government that arises as an imperial counter offensive will follow in the same manner as in April 11, 2002 by the government of Pedro Carmona Estanga. His first decree was to abolish in one full sweep the Constitutions of 1999 and all rights it establishes, abolished all powers of the state. He declared illegal the existing legal framework; dismissed all authorities who won by a popular vote in national, state and municipal levels and ended the agreement of cooperation with Cuba.

d) Lastly it is important to gather all the resources to wage, with a maximum of efficiency, the crucial battle of the mass media that, according to the Pentagon, is the prime sphere in which the war is waged confronting the revolution with the counter revolution and any progressive and left wing government in the region that has shown dangerous weaknesses in face of the enemy that for a long time unleashed a strategy of domination and media manipulation with deep repercussions in the public. Systematic lies spread end up being perceived as undoubted truths. That is why it is important to respond adequately using, creatively, all the traditional means of communication (press, radio, television) but also the large possibilities offered by the social networks.


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