“With skillful manipulating of the press they’re able to make the victim look like the criminal and the criminal look like the victim.”

–Malcolm X 


A Year after Chavez’s Sowing

A Un Año de la Siembra de Chavez 

This coming Wednesday/ Marzo/March 5 a las  @ 6 PM Times Square MARCH to The New York Times & the US Mission at The United Nations. 42 st & 7 Avenue.

Bring Drums, Pots and Pans, Posters, Banners and signs, Lets make some noise and let the peoples voice be heard.


After the tragic death of our beloved president Chavez, the imperialist nations of the world are attacking the Bolivarian Revolution.

The United States is creating chaos together with the Venezuelan oligarchy to justify a military intervention. Let them know that we are here to denounce them.

There is a major propaganda campaign of half-truths and deceit underway in the United States regarding the social and political reality in Venezuela today. This campaign is directed by the Obama White House and State Department, with strong bipartisan support from Democratic and Republican politicians I the US Congress. The campaign is faithfully echoed in the big-business media in all it’s forms.

This effort aims to paint the Venezuelan government as “repressive” and “dictatorial” and elevate the elite and privileged opposition to it — which obviously has a degree of popular support — as “democratic” and “peaceful.” The propaganda blitz complements the the long-term, unending, more covert intervention of the US government and it’s various direct and indirect agencies in the financial and other support of its political allies in Venezuela.

These forces have been trying have been trying to overthrow the Venezuelan government by any means possible since the first election of Hugo Chavez in the late 1990s and when his government began to implement measures in the interests of working people and the impoverished majority. Such measures until now have achieved radical reductions in extreme poverty and illiteracy while expanding access to health care and education for the majority, including indigenous people, Afro-Venezuelans, youth, women, and older citizens.

Washington’s subversive efforts also were spurred by the Chavez government’s adoption of a foreign policy that was independent of Washington’s dictates and in alliance with revolutionary Cuba and in promotion of Latin American and Caribbean political and economic integration and independence. This was — and remains — particularly grating and unacceptable to Washington.

Under the Republican White House of George W. Bush — backed by the Democrats in Congress — a military coup against the Chavez government was back and defeated by a mass uprising of the Venezuelan working class. The following year, the Venezuelan people, led by the heroic efforts of oil production workers, defeated a US-backed major campaign of economic sabotages, centered on a “bosses strike” in the crucial oil industry. Under the Obama Administration, US efforts have been more defensive and toned down, reflecting the political weaknesses and divisions in the Venezuelan opposition. But the goals of US policy have not changed under Obama.

The death of President Chavez in 2013 raised the hopes and illusions of the Venezuelan elite that they could now — with US support — gain political power and restore the unfettered rule of Venezuelan capital and reverse the political space and social conquests of working people.

They aim to exploit the economic and social problems — including unacceptable levels of organized violent crime and an unjust criminal justice and prison system — that definitely exist in Venezuela. Legitimate grievances are exacerbated by the world capitalist economic crisis in production, trade, and debt that is bearing down more and more heavily on so called “emerging markets.” In addition, in Venezuela there is direct economic sabotage by the still-powerful and in-place capitalist and landlord classes, including the artificial creation of consumer goods shortages. These classes weigh heavily in manufacturing and wholesale and retail distribution.

Currency speculation and black-market financial sabotage also aim to facilitate a palpable sense of chaos and demoralization among the middle classes and layers of working people.

There is mounting social and class polarization in Venezuela today. Some legal and peaceful demonstrations organized by the opposition — totally normal, commonplace, and respected in Venezuela since the election of Hugo Chavez and the expansion of democratic space — have nene hijacked by more extreme rightist elements who have engaged I violent provocations, leading to some deaths.

The Venezuelan people must be allowed to resolve their problems and issues on their own, without the interference of Washington. All of Latin American is united in opposition to US interference and intervention. Venezuelan sovereignty must be respected!

Washington, with its bloody historic record of support for the worst Latin American military dictatorship, and it’s support for the 2002 attempted coup in Venezuela, is in no position to lecture the Venezuelan government or anyone in Latin America regarding “democracy.” Such rhetoric is nothing but a cover for defending the prerogatives of US and multinational capital and the Latin American oligarchies and monied interests.

Please sign these tow important petitions demanding fair media coverage of the situation in Venezuela (not that that will happen, but let’s at least show these media outlets that we’re watching and we know what they’re up to). Thanks to Venezuelanalysis.com for sharing these.

Dear readers, please consider signing the following petitions to correct some huge distortions which have appeared in the media:
For information: http://nacla.org/blog/2014/2/26/letter-new-york-times-correct-francisco-toros-error-venezuela

Some articles about the situation in Venezuela:



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