Venezuela After Chávez A Left Analysis of the Current Situation


January 29th, 2014 7:30 PM

George Cicariello-Maher & Greg Wilpert. Moderated by Gerardo Renique.

December 8 marks the one-year anniversary in which Chávez made his last address to the Venezuelan people and designated Nicolas Maduro as his successor. Also, December 8 of this year were the elections for mayors and city councils in Venezuela, which the PSUV (Venezuela’s United Socialist Party) and allied forces won 76% of the mayoralties. What can the election results tell us about Venezuela in the post-Chávez era? How does a leftist analysis make sense of Maduro’s presidency so far, especially given the economic war or problems, of inflation and shortages that Venezuela is currently facing?

Discussants: George Cicariello-Maher, assistant professor of Political Science at Drexel University and author of “We Created Chavez. A People’s History of the Venezuelan Revolution” and Greg Wilpert, freelance writer and adjunct professor of Political Science and author of “Changing Venezuela by Taking Power.”

Moderator: Gerardo Renique, associate professor of History at City College of the City University of New York and author of “Peru Time of Fear.”

Sliding scale: $6/$10/$15
Free for Brecht Forum Subscribers

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