Delegation to the Venezuelan Presidential Election in April 14

268996_1436786577783_1776554284_689736_3322284_nFrom April 9 to April 16-2013

After the tragic death of our beloved president Chavez the imperialists’ nations of the world are preparing to attack the Bolivarian Revolution. Venezuela is getting prepares for a new presidential election and the imperialists are willing to intervene and sabotage the election.

The people of Venezuela will honor the last will of President Chavez by overwhelmingly voting this coming April 14 for Nicolas Maduro for President. The Venezuelan people clearly remain committed to the process of fundamental change in their country, no matter what. We are confident that the roots of the Bolivarian Revolution will remain strong and grow.

The Bolivarian Revolution, with its advances in social equality, human rights, and community power has become one of the greatest social experiments of this century. Meet officials in the government and grassroots people who are taking back control of the country. We will also explore other areas of social transformation, including education, healthcare, and direct citizen participation in the political process and the electoral system. There will also be trips to beaches, parks, and other sites of interest.

Day 1: Caracas – Arrival; orientation/welcome; visits to social programs and discussions with community leaders and local authorities.

Day 2 Visit to the urban agriculture sites and other community initiatives in different communities in Caracas, including 23 de Enero, El Valle, and Petare.

Days 3 y 4 Visit to Barlovento an Afro Venezuela area. We will visit the The Chocolate and plantain Factory. Tacarigua Lake, beautiful beaches. Learn about artisanal cacao production as well as artisanal fishing and Venezuela’s progressive fishing laws.

5: Election Day visits to different communities group in Caracas

Days 6: Visit to two different communes.

Days 7: free day for sight seeing, getting souvenirs.

Days 8: departure

Cost for Activities: $900. This will cover all lodging, all ground transportation, 2 meals per day, qualified trip leaders, and Spanish-English interpretation. Additional expenses during the trip will be low.

To Learn more and hold a spot for the trip, email Please be in touch as soon as possible, as space is very limited. Please allow several days for responses.

Sponsored by the Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of NY.
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By Bolivarian Circle Alberto Lovera NY


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